XF 1.4 Moderate New Threads by Specific User


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Is that anyway or addon to help me set that every time a specific user posts a new thread, a moderator need to approve it or not ?

I think that it can be done with groups but I would like to know if I can moderate this user without associating him to any other group.


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@Digital Doctor suggestions should go in the Suggestions forum, not in a support thread.

Regarding this being time consuming, it would be if you had to do this for lots of users. Personally I think a better option is to set up a user group with Follow message moderation rules set to Never. Then when anyone needs to be put on moderation, simply add them to this group. When they are behaving again, they can be removed.

I have this set up on my forums as a "Naughty Step" group, with various other permissions set to Never as well. Any who misbehave can very quickly be added and instantly have their forum privileges severely restricted.