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I have a request, maybe you are interested in it. The request is "Moderate this content". I pay 50 USD and the addon will consist of two parts:

1. in ACP>settings>Moderate this content there are these options:
  1. the following moderate rules only apply to these usergroups: __
  2. moderate all new created threads: yes|no
  3. moderate all posts with attachments: yes|no
  4. moderate only posts with these content in either title or message: [textbox with 20 lines, each word has a separate line]. Example content for the textbox:
2. make the settings work when a new post/thread is created/edited. It's only for new created stuff. That should be rather easy as its a simple if statement for threads and attachments and a simple search pattern for the search words. Just set the post to "moderate".

I can then auto-moderate all new created threads and all posts where an attachment is added. And all posts where there are characters like "@" for mails or "warez" for illegal activity.
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