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Pretty simple add-on needed here that I just don't have time to implement in-house.

Description: On new thread creation (Preferably after the thread is created), the add-on needs to count how many threads the user has created in a set of nodes in the past X days. If this thread is number X or greater, then show the modal (Which will basically just be a donation request). This is going to be used to prompt heavy classifieds forum users to donate.

5 new Admin Options:

Modal Title
Modal Content
Max Threads Before Popup ($X)
Time Cutoff ($Y)
Forums to count ($Z)

On new thread posting, if user has posted $X or greater threads in the last $Y days in forums $Z, then trigger the modal after the thread is created. Modal will display the content as defined in Modal Title and Modal Content.

Would like this delivered this week if at all possible, as it's already behind schedule. If I've missed any pertinent information, please let me know.
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