XF 1.1 Mobile Theme: How to removed all profile info after 'Share This Page':


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Check the pics. After a certain point in the profile for the 'mobile template only', I want to remove all info because it does not show properly when viewing from a mobile device. The info should stay 'in tact' for all other theme views, I just want it removed when viewing from a mobile device in which my forum automatically switches to the mobile view template:

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However, when I did that, I'm not happy with how the area 'floats' to the left and right? I want to make it fill the screen so that there are tight borders? Actually, there is a background image that is wider than the area, so how do I force the area to stay at it's own width or remove that background border image? It appears that the ABOUT area is not making the text 'wrap' and could be why the page does not stay fixed. How do I fix this now? Almost home! lol

IMG_3745.PNG IMG_3746.PNG IMG_3747.PNG IMG_3748.PNG
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Actually I still do not have it 'fixed' as it still 'slides around'. How can I make it fixed from side to side?

IMG_3749 (2).png

I have everything how I want it, except how it slides around as shown in the image above:

IMG_3750.PNG IMG_3751.PNG IMG_3752.PNG IMG_3753.PNG IMG_3754.PNG


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You can use a media query and display:none or add the hiddenResponsiveNarrow class to the element(s).

This guide should help: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/responsive-design.2193/
This won't work because if used, it applies to not only mobile devices but desktop browsers as well. I'm looking for editing just for the mobile-view template to fix this, as my desktop is fine and shows different than the mobile template.


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There is no concept of mobile or desktop in XenForo - there is just the responsive flag.

You will need another solution if you just want to target "mobile" devices.


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Since there is a a mobile theme, can't I just edit one of that themes templates to keep the members profile area with a fixed with?


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Yes it is not available just to mobile devices BUT I have a particular style just for browser-vewing even though a person can 'choose' the mobile-view, it is being used only to auto-detect when someone views from a mobile device.


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Well, once again - I've figured it out! In member_view.css template, I found this code and removed it:

.profilePage .mast
    float: left;
    width: @profilePageSidebarWidth;
    padding-right: 10px;
    border-right: 1px solid @primaryLighterStill;