Mobile says I’m logged in while looking like I’m logged out


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This happened recently today, only on my mobile (not sure if it does on computer version, and I have no clue if my users experience this either as I’m the only one who’s noticed). I dont know if it has to do with the recent update but I do know everything was working fine until then. I’ve attached the error message below in a screenshot of my forum.
There’s no physical error logs in the acp and I’ve chosen to keep the check mark on ‘keep me logged in’.


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Well at least I'm not going entirely bonkers. Hopefully it'll get resolved, but I did also notice that it only happened when I was away for a certain amount of time. Perhaps it has to directly relate to 'user timeout to be inactive' thing, which is currently set to 15 mins for me and my users...I'll change it to be 30 mins and see if that changes anything.