Mobile Internet Sessions


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Here's a scenario.
If say a user is logged in and is using one of those wireless 3G USB sticks out in, let's say, a park or whatever.
Are they likely to get logged out of their session if their coverage is either disrupted, or their coverage roams/moves to another cell mast?

This also could extend to mobile devices on 3G/EDGE or similar, even in their own home if their router packs up and they've jumped to a non-WiFi connection protocol.

That's about as in-depth as I can explain it.
So, what's the deal with sessions/IP?

Jeremy P

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The session is tracked using browser cookies, which are independent of the connection.. so I don't think that would happen. Hasn't to me at least.


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iPhone has logged me out whilst out of WiFi coverage before.
With nothing switched off, cookies ok etc.
I started to wonder if it was just a roaming mobile thing.


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If your IP changes significantly during a session, then you will be logged out. You can work around that by checking the "remember me" box.