Fixed Missing Space


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Did something change in the Help menu between 1.1.5 and 1.2 Beta 5?
I miss some space in the menu :D

This ist 1.1.5
And this is 1.2.0 Beta 5

Please give us a "nowrap" ;)

Thanks a lot


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A nowrap or other changes can be added via EXTRA.css. The help menu did change (along with any other menu that looks similiar: account, etc.) to account for some responsive features. It looks slightly thinner.


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The same happens to the username next to a post. Some members have the last letter of their name in a new line.


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This is how I resolved it on my installation:
.navigationSideBar a.secondaryContent {
font-size: 12px;


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We have, in theory, several options here:
From what I see there is no space left for a nowrap, hyphenation only happens when it's set to do so, the ellipsis makes the text shorter but do users still understand what "Nutzungsbedin…" means?
The hyphenation would be my ideal solution but it lacks browser support.
So it should be left bold but the font-size shouldn't change, that will fix it.

Maybe a combination of both, hyphenation and font size?


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This is a general purpose thing - we generally choose to force a break if it can't fit into the allowed space rather than overflowing. In this case, I'm switching it to use text-overflow ellipsis. This only triggers if a specific word is too big. If that's not acceptable, it can be worked around by inserting a naturally wrappable character into the phrase, for example.