Missing option to leave reason when deleting content via the mod approval queue. Integrate with warning reasons and rules


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You have to click into the thread and then click delete for the option to show up:
in thread delete.webp

Also, I took time to set up a bunch of rule citations and removal reasons when issuing warnings:
warning reasons.webp

But there is no way to cite those reasons/rules when removing/denying content. I think the removal & warning systems need to be more integrated. Maybe a drop-down menu or popup where we can select some preset rules/removal reasons.

If you're familiar with R*ddit's /r/toolbox addon & mod queue, that provides a much more streamlined process. You click "remove" and then select the reason. I think that clicking "remove" should bring up the same options as "warn" to cite a rule/reason. You could then have a checkbox to also give the user a warning.
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And now I'm doubtful that option even notifies the user. That seems to be an internal reason. And the external/public reasons look different:
notify author.webp

IE: "notify author of reason". And it only seems to show up if I approve the comment first, which I absolutely do NOT want to do.

This is really bad if there is no way for me to inform people when and why their content was removed.
I am generally a fan of providing reasoning and that's why I added the option to force mods to have to give a reason when deleting content. The challenge here is that approval queue is meant to be managed in mass. You might have different reasons for deleting two different post and I don't know how I could give the mod the option to under a reason unless it applies to everything they are acting upon.
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