XF 1.5 Missing "name" at Webmaster Tools at posts made by guests (removed accounts)


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Hi! I'm getting lots of errors at Google Webmasters Tools due to this problem.
It says: "Missing: name (fn)"
When I check the url with the problem, found that an old user was removed and now states as "Guest":
Checking source the only difference I found is that normal users have href tag:
<a href="miembros/tarari.110429/" class="username" dir="auto" itemprop="name">TARARI</a>
While guest users (users removed from DB) have:
<a class="username" dir="auto" itemprop="name">Grafitty</a>

I looked for a solution but just found this post.
Which template should be modified and how in order to avoid this error?
I ran that page through their structured data testing tool and it doesn't give any errors, though it is printing some weird values: https://search.google.com/structure...m/tema/distribuidor-oficial-u-oficioso.94518/

Yandex's tester doesn't come up with any errors relating to this specific area, though it does have an error: https://old.webmaster.yandex.com/microtest.xml That error appears to be from customizations made though.

The thread you linked to seems to be about placing ads that look similar to posts, so it reflected custom HTML.
Can anyone verify if this type of error in its Forum in Google Search Console, are only reported them; with the tools of structured data to google analysis, they are NOT reported.
The markup is PERSON.

How can we solve?
At this point, no. Given that Google doesn't report errors elsewhere and there is a "name" value present, it currently looks like a Webmaster Tools bug.
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