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Missing members pictures

Discussion in 'Media Gallery Support' started by Steff, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Steff

    Steff Active Member

    I've looked through the forum and can't see what I need to know so I have to post the question... sorry.
    After a sucessful migration from VBgallery 3.02 to xgm I've discovered a slight issue.
    When I click on members albums in the categorties nothing happens. I then went in to the admin cp and chose Default Album View Permission to all. I also change the view from media to albums thinking that that was the problem.
    now, however when I click on members albums I get a list of albums with three black dots in each and the albums are empty.
    Members are quite active so there should be a lot of images in each album. Some members have hundreds of pictures in each album.
    Is this something I've not done?
    I did (or at least I think I dod that right) rebuild index cache after importing.
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    If the albums weren't empty in VBGallery but they are empty in XFMG then something has likely gone wrong somewhere with the import.
  3. Steff

    Steff Active Member

    Yes the members section had about 8K images and about 500 albums.
    What options do I have? Can I do a partial import?
  4. Steff

    Steff Active Member

    OK this is what I have.
    I've deleted the above post to keep this simple and prevent further posts.
    I now get the black dots (duh! the album need a thumb associated with it)
    I can only access members albums when album view rather than category view is enabled (is this expected)
    It does look like albums have been imported (77 pages x 9 = 693 albums for members)
    the empty albums have the same date as the import rather than an older date (is this a bug or is this because the albums are empty)
    As I've been all day setting up permissions and orders for the categories, if I have to scrap and restore can I at least back up the categories permissions and order from phpmyadmin
  5. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Where the albums are, and the members category being empty makes sense - XFMG doesn't support albums inside categories.

    If the albums are empty, yes, the import date is what will show. I think we have to calculate the date based on the items in the album because it otherwise isn't exposed in vBGallery, so if there's no items, we have to use the current date.

    It might be worth you creating a ticket from your customer area.

    I would like to try and work out what has gone wrong - I suspect if you did the import again you'd have the same problem. Ideally we would need the following:
    • FTP account/s and details of where XF and VB are installed
    • PhpMyAdmin account/s and database names for XF and VB
    • Details of the album IDs in XF (and VB, if different) which have missing items
    When creating the ticket, link to this thread. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of what's happened fairly easily.
  6. Steff

    Steff Active Member

    Thanks for the reply so late :)
    Yes perhaps a ticket is a good idea. I'm pretty sure the pictures have gone across. No errors were reported during migration or in the logs and I've noticed that all members are reported with no media despite them having several hundred pictures associated with them in XMG.
    My best guess is some tables need updating that is probably all.
    I'll put the request in thanks :)

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