MG 2.1 Missing member images after import from vBulletin4 Albums


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I recently moved my forum from vB4 + Albums + Photopost vBGallery to XF + XFMG.

The import of the vBGallery data and images into XFMG seems to have worked flawlessly.
The import of the vB4 Albums data into XFMG seems to have worked as well, however some images are missing for some members.

I have one member (who only had images in vB4 Albums) whose XF member profile shows 77 media items, but when I click on the link (or the member clicks the "Your media" navigation link), the XFMG page states "{username} has not added any media yet" and no images are displayed.

I have peeked in the database, and confirmed that XFMG thinks that this member has 77 images:

SELECT * FROM `xf_mg_media_item` where user_id = 21414

which returns:

Showing rows 0 - 24 (77 total, Query took 0.0011 seconds.)

I have tried rebuilding all of the XFMG caches, to no avail (does the order in which those are performed matter, by the way?)

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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