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Mirroring a XF forum to Social Media

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Steve Freides, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Active Member

    Does anyone know if it's possible, and how, to somehow mirror a XF forum to social media.

    E.g., could I have all new posts appear on a Facebook group or page, perhaps even just links to them? Facebook is the place I'm most interested in, and the content on FB would be read-only, so perhaps it makes sense to have it be a page, not a group.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. RoldanLT

    RoldanLT Well-Known Member

  3. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Active Member

    Looks promising. Thanks!

  4. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Active Member

    I PM'ed the author - no response yet, will wait to hear from him before moving forward since there was some hint in the discussion that he's no longer around.


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