"Minimum time between username changes" behaves like registration is the first change


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The current behaviour of the "Minimum time between username changes" setting is that it treats registration like a first username change. This is problematic behaviour if a board has rules about expected usernames, the user is unable to request a username change themselves after realizing their error.
I believe registration is not a username "change" and the feature should treat new accounts as having 0 changes in the last X days.
If this behaviour is as intended, feel free to move to the suggestions forum where I would suggest a toggle.
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I think generally speaking we're going to have to call this as designed. While I can see your argument, equally, the change you're proposing would essentially allow a "free" change which may well be unexpected.

Even your particular use case might benefit more from a "allow changes for X number of days after registering" rather than just ignoring the registration date.