XF 2.0 Minimum post count


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Hi all,

Trying to setup members with 50 posts or more to be able to create a thread within a specific section and any less they are unable to create a thread but can post.

So for example.

Members with less than 50 posts cannot create a thread within a specific node but can answer to threads in that node.
Members with more than 50 posts can create threads and post in that node.

I have setup the normal user group and set permissions as normal and set Follow message moderation rules to No (user group "registered") .
I have then setup a new user group and set permissions to No but Follow message moderation rules to Yes (registered (sales).

I have then created a promotion called registered (sales) promotion active and ticked registered users (sales).
Under "Apply Promotion" I have ticked "User is a member of" and picked the group "Registered".
Under "Content and Achievements" I have ticked "User has posted at least X messages" and entered 50 and saved promotion.

I then run the cron and search for members under the group registered (sales) and it says No users matched the specified criteria so no one has been promoted?

Is the above correct or am I barking up the wrong tree?


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Revoke the 'post new thread' permission for the Registered user group in the node in question.

Allow it for the promoted user group (set the promotion to 50 posts).

Note that only recently active members will be promoted.
You can force it to apply to all members via the rebuild task in the Tools menu.