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MiniBB Importer

Hi Guys ( and Girls)

Would anybody maybe have the time and motivation to come up with some importer for miniBB ( http://www.minibb.com/ ) ?

I got a board with a few thousand users and around 30k posts that I would like to move to xenforo without loosing them.

What should be migrated (if possible):

User information
Post / Thread / Forum Information
PM (Personal Messages)

Currently I just don't have the time coding this myself but maybe other people using minibb might want to switch to xenforo as well and could make good use of it.
Need to check both forums out and estimate the effort, than I will be able to post a quote, but don't hold your breath for it ^
They only support an older version, one would need to try that but this means getting a VB license , right ?
It's a possible solution that is perfectly valid but in fact none that I would like to implement.
I could take the money and get somebody to build a proper importer anyway for the latest version instead of throwing money at the company that is suing xenforo ^^


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True, you'd need a vB license, or find someone who does conversions as a sideline. (I'd do some but I'm booked until May.) It's true you can convert things standalone using ImpEx, but you still need a database schema to set up the vB tables, plus I highly recommend cleaning up data in vB before importing to XF so errors are not compounded.
Hi Rudy

Now I got my Xenforo license and the forum up and running and would like to know if it would be possible to try to port the old forum now :)



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xenFans is currently out of business.
There isn't a more current version of the importer on vBulletin.
The xenForo software doesn't presently support it.

Doing a google search, it doesn't seem like any other software is supporting imports of the software. :(


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Hi Rudy

Now I got my Xenforo license and the forum up and running and would like to know if it would be possible to try to port the old forum now :)

How large is the database, and now many members/posts do you have? I may not have room on the server if it's too large (we are almost outgrown on our dedicated server). I could try to run ImpEx on my own computer here at the office (might have to tweak MySQL a bit, but should be OK.) I also have a cloud instance at Amazon I could run it on (albeit slowly, as it's a "micro" instance I'm using for testing).

Thanks for all the help, I did it the following way:

Setup punbb 1.2.23 (yes, the old one) and install personal message plugin
use the importer 1.4 to import from minibb -> punbb

Use the punbb importer to import from punbb 1.2 to xenforo, worked out :)



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So, your xenforo shows all "threads" from personal message plugin?

As in, it doesn't show up in Private Conversation or Private Message.... but rather, in threads?

It seems like the importer from punbb -> xenforo didn't import the Personal Messages from minibb at all, but that's fine for me actually.
I want people to use the forum, not PM ^^