Minecraft Username and Password Validation [Paid] [Deleted]

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Minecraft Username and Password Validation - Makes sure that the user owns the account by logging into minecraft.net when registering


Minecraft Username/Email: if the user has migrated email else Username
Minecraft Password: Their minecraft.net password
Minecraft Password Confirmation: Same as above

When registration is successful, it sets their username to their minecraft.net username (caps included). This makes sure that the person registering owns the account they say they do. I can't make an account called Notch if I don't know his minecraft.net password.

Very simple installation:
1. Pay and download, after...
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btw before i sign up dose this work with migrated account's ?
Yes it works with both migrated and non migrated accounts.

When the migrated account gets registered, the username is set to the minecraft username, so you don't risk your users having their email exposed.
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Register with your username or email and the UUID is stored and whenever the user logs in his UUID and stored username is checked to see if it changed. If it did then his stored username is changed.
Yes, it correlates with Mojang's DB. If there is an update, so will the username be updated.
Hey guys,

I have updated the payment link. For some reason the paypal was not sending the file when the payment was completed. I have pm'd all who have not received their package.

Thanks again!