Migration question: mapping of old userid to new userid fields


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I dug around a bit to see if this was already answered, but I've been coming up empty. My Searchfu may just be weak though. ;)

When we go through a migration will there be a table/field that keeps the mapping of old user id values to new user id values?

The reason I ask is that we have a lot of things that are keyed in the file system (and other database tables) that are related to the existing userid. One good example is our gallery system, all images files are stored in /gallery/images/[userid]/ with /large, /medium and /small sub dirs to hold the various thumbnail sizes.

After the migration is complete will the old user ID be preserved in a lookup table so that we can map queries back for legacy systems that reference the original userid?

Excellent. I figured that there would be, but it's important enough that I needed to be sure :). Having the old thread/post mapping will potentially prove invaluable too. Hopefully we'll be able to use that to migrate some of our custom modifications over after the main forum migration is complete.

Thx Mike, appreciate the definitive answer and your time ;).
Yes, there's an import log table that keeps mappings of all the old data (forums, threads, posts, users, etc).
Hmmm......THAT is great. This actually means that the import from VB is seamless.

Now, all I need is confirmation of vbSEO importing.

I am debating wether to import from VB to XenForo, problem is that I have a vB license, and vBSEO license. I am also purchasing a site that has both vb and vbSEO. So, I am planning ahead, and debating with myself.
We have code that maps showthread.php?t=X, etc calls (the standard vB 3 URLs) to the new IDs in XF, so it would be fairly straightforward to map your vBSEO'd URLs to that file internally (provided they didn't conflict with an XF URL).
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