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XF 1.4 Migration from PHPBB

I wish to make a phpbb migration to XenForo, is it possible to do the installation without disrupting PHPBB?

PHPBB online - mydomain.com/forum
XenForo temporary installation - mydomain.com/forum2

After completing migration, rename forum2 in forum

Thanks for help


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Yes, the importer will only read the content of the database for the import, and won't edit anything on the live install. Make sure you close the board prior to migration, as to no loose any content posted during the migration.
Install is ok, but when I use the import phpbb3.0, I have two errors on the path

  • The attachments directory could not be found.
  • The avatars directory could not be found.


XenForo developer
Staff member
This generally means that the path you entered to those directories is in correct (they don't exist). What did you enter?


XenForo moderator
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You will need to delete or archive (rename) the phpBB directory.

Then you can move/rename the XF directory.
Make sure you update the Board URL in the ACP.


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The Board URL is unrelated to the 500 error.

You may need to check the page source or server error log to determine what's triggering that.
OK Brogan,

Here the error in log server : PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/home/projectfrance/www/forum2/library/XenForo/Autoloader.php'


XenForo developer
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Sounds like you're running into a bug with APC. Your best bet is to restart the web server (or FastCGI server) to clear the APC cache.