Migrating Wordpress and Xenforo, basic questions


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I'm pretty much not sure what to do, and I would like to get some suggestions from people who did that or know what they are doing. I'm currently running two different domains, on the same server; the one is an article website (WordPress) and the second one is a forum/board (XenForo).
I want to get rid of Wordpress basically and transfer all the articles on the domain of the XF

Now, I would like to migrate both to have a single domain and here are my questions:

1. Would I get a huge hit in terms of SEO? If yes, what can I do in order to prevent/minimize it?

2. I have many long articles, some of them are huge, wiki style articles, with around 30-40K words. Which XF add-on/system can I use to host such articles?

Thanks for the help.
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