XF 1.2 Migrating, what data needs to be updated to the new server?


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I'm preparing to migrate to a different server. I want to get as much public_html XenForo over and set prior to the move, then , turn off my board, update the folders/data only needed and of course the current database.

Assuming I'm not changing my add-ons until after the migration, what can I avoid updating to the new server?

Thanks !!!

Jake Bunce

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All data is stored in data, internal_data, and the MySQL database itself. Size-wise that is going to be 99% of your forum. You aren't saving much by preloading on the new server.


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how big is your site (filewise and database) it shouldn't take long to move multiple gigs of data via a ssh transfer.

I move about 1gb a minute via ssh even on cheap vps.


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What I normally do, is do an initial rsync of the public directory, and then when I'm ready to move the DNS over, shut the board, dump the DB, re-import the DB on the new server, and then a final rsync for anything which has changed since the initial sync.