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Migrating from vbulletin 5.1


I currently use vBulletin 5.1 for handling my forum but I'm really unsatisfied with it since I migrated from vB4.
So I'm looking for a new forum and xenForo seems to fit my expectations in terms of specification.

Now I need to evaluate how I could migrate from vB5.1.9 to xenForo, and after some search here around I could not clearly see if it exists an "importer" for this release of vB. I do see some for previous release but not vB5.

Is there any plan for such importer to be created?

Many thanks



XenForo moderator
Staff member
We don't have a native importer for VB 5 unfortunately.

You would have to do a double import to one of the supported importers: VB5 -> IPB/SMF/MyBB/etc. -> XF

That assumes there is an importer available for the other scripts to import VB5.

New importers are developed based on need and while there have been a few requests, it isn't something which has been asked that often (relatively speaking).

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
FYI, that would have to be IPB 3.x at this stage. We don't support importing from IPB 4 at the moment.