Migrating from Vbulletin 5.1.6 to XenForo.


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I would like to migrate from Vbulletin 5.1.16 to XenForo but first I need to make sure the features I am currently using will be there and will be migrated properly.

1. I need Spanish language
2. I have Paid Subscriptions using Paypal (VIP Members)
3. I have Google Adsense on header and footer.
4. I have Custom User Rankins
5. Custom Group Permissions


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You can install a third party language pack or translate it yourself.

Recurring subscriptions are built in but they will not be imported. They would have to be set up again.

There are ad templates which allow adverts to be shown.

I'm not sure what 'custom user rankins' are - XenForo has user titles, custom user titles and user banners.

All permissions are fully customisable - per node, user group and user.


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I would note that there isn't a direct importer from vB 5. To import the data, you would need to go through another software that we can import from. (Which may affect the imported data.)