Migrating from VB cloud...


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Hi there!
for the beginning we thought a cloud based solution is ok. And I knew VB from before, but never had to do with VB5.
BUT: VB cloud is buggy like hell and very unreliable.
So next step will be: Migrating to xenForo.

But first Issue there: how can we import the VB cloud-Data? Obviously VB5 isnt suported by the built-in importers... That seems to be a showstopper.
You can do a two-step import from VB5 -> ? -> XF, if there is an importer for VB5 for one of the built in importers.

Or it would require a custom importer.
I do believe that IPS has an importer for vB5 currently (but I really hate their script compared to XenForo) - so you could find someone that has IPS and perform a two step import. You would probably "lose" passwords though - I did when I went from XenXoro -> IPS -> Burning Board on one of my sites.
Thx claudio. Guess I've got already an offer from you. ;) I've seen that you also offer Hosting, but we already have got an own server where we want to run the forum. Is that OK or do you only migrate to your own servers?
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