Migrateing user groups, nodes, and permissions only?

I have a XenForo installation that I'm looking to migrate over to another XenForo installation. The thing is, I only want to copy over the usergroups, nodes, and the permissions for both. Can I simply import those tables into the new database? And if so, what are the tables I'd need to import?

Thank you.

Luke F

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You could copy those tables yeah (did a similar operation on my live forum while migrating), just remember to rebuild caches and generally hope for the best
There aren't many users or topics (this is basically a fresh install to a fresh install), I just don't want to have to redo all the groups, permissions, and nodes.

I'm trying to find the rights tables. So far, I have xf_user_group and xf_node, but I'm having a lot of problems trying to find the right permission tables. xf_permission_entry seems to be the one for usergroup permissions, but I can't find the node permissions. I'll keep looking, but anyone have an idea?


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Man I wish I imported from my vb forum that I ran for 4 years... I wasn't big on SEO, and didnt realize when I started fresh with messages/threads/users I lost all my ranking. After two months of being on Xenforo I got NO traffic -and finally realized I Screwed up bigtime.

Be smart, take a big breath and plan this out good! I have been trying to recover from my blunder for the past two months.