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MG Pre-Sale question

Even with some doubts if this is the right forum, but I want to ask something about MG AddOn. Is it possible to post albums in categories?
Albums have a great feature to allow other members to post on it, but didn't seen any setting (at least in some demos) to assign an album to a category.

Thank you

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Adding albums to categories is possible in XFMG2.

There's three category type. Media only, Albums only or Container. Media only is basically what we have in XFMG1 - you can only add media to them. Albums only is new in XFMG2. If you want to add media to an albums category, you must do so within an existing album within that category or create a new album.

Container only is the option to choose if you want the category to list all of the media/albums from child categories.
To make the long story short as I'm not familiar with Galleries at all. My Gallery will have only 3 categories:
  • Movies
  • Series
  • Actors
So as you can understand is impossible to create 1000's of categories where the users can post Videoclips or Photos for a specific Movie or Actor. Instead is very easy to create Albums and give permissions to members to post anything they like in the album.

@Chris D
XFMG2 is available for download if I buy this AddOn?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
XFMG 2 requires XF2 and both are currently available as "Release Candidate 1" right now to anyone with a valid license.