XF 1.2 Merging existing user with deleted user?


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I know there is an option to merge users but is it possible to merge an existing user with a deleted user? Basically, looking to merge posts of a specific "Guest" member to a real active member.


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Ok I guess I can try manually changing in the db:

UPDATE xf_post SET username = REPLACE(username,'deleted_user','activeuser');

Hopefully there is nothing else that needs to be updated anywhere to keep everything working correctly.


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You would have to use a query...

UPDATE `xf_post` SET `user_id`='<existing user id>' , `username`='<new username>' WHERE (`user_id`='0') AND (`username`='<guest username`);
UPDATE `xf_thread` SET `user_id`='<existing user id>', `username`='<new username>' WHERE (`user_id`='0') AND (`username`='<guest username`);
Note: Untested

@Moddis make sure you check the edit
Thanks, this looks good but dont you(or should you) also have to also chnage the username colum to the new username as well? Those just seem to change the username id.