XF 1.2 Merging 1.1 and 1.2 database tables after update


I just updated my forum to 1.2.2 from 1.1.3. After reading, I decided to make a copy of my forum and to test it on it. Now I'm done with the update but I need to merge the databases.

Which tables should (or should not) be merged so I can recover all the activity that has been going on on my forum?



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Alright thanks. Is there a way to do the same with add-ons or it's easier to reinstall them?
Reinstall them.
I'd love to have a method for bulk install, so it doesn't rebuild after every single install and thereby making it much shorter.
About to take the same step as you in a few days, give or take. Putting the final touches on my style and add-on selection for 1.1.4 -> 2.2