Cannot reproduce merge threads

Adam Howard

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OK so I was trying to move 1 post into another thread. And the newest post always became the new topic starter.

I don't believe it should work this way.

If X thread is older and Y post belongs in X thread, shouldn't that post (Y post) follow into the thread and not end up as post #1 ?


XenForo developer
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I can't reproduce this. I merged two threads:

"Source" - older, first post by A
"Target" - newer, first post by B

Merged into "Target", now shows as being by A (as that's the first post). Basically, the thread should be owned by whatever post is showing up as first.


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Weird, I can read this thread, but I can not see this thread in the (sub) forum thread list. I saw this thread on forum_list in last_post.