XF 2.2 Merge of outdated templates won't work like described in manual at all


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After ugrade I have a handful of outdated templates in a parent theme.

When I click on "merge" the manual https://xenforo.com/docs/xf2/styles/#templates says I would get yellow and blue areas and buttons I can do the merging with... BUT all I get is either:

B.) "The custom template is out of date but has been edited more recently than the parent. Merging can only be done by hand."
and nothing else.
I have no clue how to find which two versions of what template I have to merge by hand, how to see them in a diff-like-view or open them in an editor. there are no links, no buttons or any other clue given along with the error.

B.) I get a view like shown here in post #63:
and like the author of that post I have no clue what to do. There are red an green areas and no buttons.

so ?


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When you say parent theme, are you referring to a third party style? If so, ideally you need to get the update from the author.

If this is your own parent style you use on your site, I find it helpful to have two windows open. One being the default style with the non-edited template and the other the outdated template. You can click "view custom changes" to easily see what you need to copy over from the default style.

If the template is really outdated and has a lot of conflicts, I'll often copy the template into like notepad or something, revert, and re-apply any custom edits. If you simply added a footer link into PAGE_CONTAINER but it hasn't been updated in years then yes, I'd revert the template and re-apply the footer link.