Merge doublepost?



I can't double post, it greys out when I click submit. Of course, I am sure I could "hammer" enough to cheat the flood system, but average usage shouldn't cause double posting?


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Our users on our forum would not like having follow up posts merged if that is what you mean. Not at all.


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Don't know if this has been suggested before, or if it is already implented, but I have seen this done on vb forums where if you makes posts right after each other they get automatically merged, and I was thinking why not make this a built in function for xenforo, also just to test if it already works I will now double post lol.


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If I intend to make 1 post, I make 1 post. The same applies to making 2 posts.

I really do not need to inconvenience people by merging their posts.


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A useful addon I used for vB was the automerge multiple posts which basically merges posts by the same user if they are posted after each other. This saves moderators a lot of time having to deal with double/triple posts and stops users from bumping threads too often.

I would however suggest imposing a time limit on this and making it only merge posts that are made on the same day so the user's new information isn't missed by those interested in his/her thread.




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I have the same plug-in in my forum and hope this feature will be implemented or available through the plug-in system.


I don't understand. No links on this thread leads to an existing 'post merge' plugin... yet I've seen it on some xenforo sites I am on... Can someone here PLEASE link me to this plugin!


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Merging posts is possible via the moderation tools.

I am not aware of an add-on which does it automatically.