XF 1.4 Merge a Thread to another Thread

New Joe

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As far as I can see this isn't possible

Example, I have a Thread with a few pages of replies, but I want to merge said Thread to another Thread we have
In the Thread Tools drop down it only gives the option to Move Thread, but nothing to Merge Thread within these options:
Screen Shot 2558-05-25 at 10.04.14 AM.png

Screen Shot 2558-05-25 at 10.04.55 AM.png
However if i Tick the box on the Thread this gives me the option to Move Thread and then Merge to another Thread, BUT that will only move/merge the one post ticked so I'd have to mess around ticking all the posts on that one Thread.
Screen Shot 2558-05-25 at 10.11.13 AM.png Screen Shot 2558-05-25 at 10.11.24 AM.png

Why isn't there and option to Merge a whole Thread to another Thread?