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XF 1.2 Menu dropdown speed

Neil E.

Active member
For the menus that drop down from the visitor tabs (eg Inbox, Alerts) I'd like to change the settings for delay and speed. I asked about this a long time ago and Jake posted about a js edit. I can't find the information in my notes and searching didn't help. Ideas?

Neil E.

Active member
Yes, that's it, thank you. I do notice something interesting. I believe the default 100ms allows for scanning the user status to see if there are alerts or conversations present. This makes the popup menu delayed (hiding the scan time), but the info exists when the window opens.

In my case the popup opens quickly, but the "you have no new alerts" text is delayed, and then pushes the popup farther down when it arrives. Kind of a catch22 situation. I like the quick opening, but the text delay is goofy. Hmmm......

EDIT: Studying this more reveals that the js delay is on the first opening of the popup only. The extra delay I'm seeing must be coming from something else. The XF progress indicator flashes for about 200msec before the text event occurs.
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