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Liam W

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Liam W submitted a new resource:

Mention Link - Quick Mention

This is a simple add-on that will add a 'Mention' link to posts of registered users after the reply link. When clicked, @<username of poster> will be entered into the quick reply box.

This allows for quick mentioning.

Note: This does not currently check permissions. The mention link will always be visible, but it just puts text into the editor - the permission will still apply.

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I've added an space in the template modification to save a little time, energy and keyboard :D
Rich (BB code):
<xen:if is="{$post.user_id}">
<a href="#" data-userId="{$post.user_id}" data-username="{$post.username}&nbsp;" class="MentionLink item control" title="{xen:phrase liam_mentionlink_mention_this_user}">{xen:phrase liam_mentionlink_mention}</a>
Thanks Liam! ;)
I reinstalled this addon today but it doesn't seem to show up in post anymore. I checked my Template Modifications and it says 4/1/0. How can I fix this?
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