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Members there are Russian-speaking

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Duhsvobody, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Duhsvobody

    Duhsvobody New Member

    Hello! Among the many Russian-speaking users of the forum?
  2. JamesGoblin

    JamesGoblin New Member

    Howdy! I am Russian-speaker, but more often Russian reader (books and chess sites).

    PS I CBAed to load the keyboard and practice typing, so with my Russian friends I most efficiently communicate on ... English :)
  3. Duhsvobody

    Duhsvobody New Member

    In any case, there is such a good thing, which is called an interpreter. He steranes all language barriers. :)
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  4. JamesGoblin

    JamesGoblin New Member

    I haven't found a single good one yet. Maybe you had more luck?

    They are good for laugh, thou. They say laugh is healthy :)
  5. Williamdav

    Williamdav New Member

    I am Russian-speaker too. My mother comes from small town in Belarus. So I speak Russian from 4 years.
    What books did you read? It's interesting ;)
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