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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Members map - Shows members on a Google map.

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This XF2 add-on along with the entire collection can be purchased for $35.00 USD. Your Premium upgrade will allow you to download as many XF2 add-ons as you like for one year. Please see the entire collection located in the Resources area at this URL:


Shows members on a Google map.

(Example of Members map link)

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(Example of Members map)


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Nice idea! However, correct me if I am wrong, but that Maps JavaScript API key comes with a bill each month depending on how many views, and on a high traffic site that could get pretty expensive, correct?
correct me if I am wrong, but that Maps JavaScript API key comes with a bill each month

While it is possible that you could get a bill it would require a huge amount of usage. Google provides the first $200 a month of map api usage for free.

I would like to give a big thank you to @AndyB.

We were using another mapping product with many issues. The developer was unresponsive.

I reached out to Andy with a few requests which he quickly made and his map is fully meeting our needs at a lower cost.
This looks good, I'd need to give members the option to remove themselves and would like to choose which user-groups display on the map. Can it do that? Cheers
Andy, thank you for great work on extending XenForo functionality.
Is it possible to have a link from the user profile that would show that user on Members map?

Browsing for users on a map is entertaining, but sometimes you want to see user location on a map straight from user post/profile.
Do members have the option to not be on the map for privacy reasons? Are admins able to only display the map to logged in members, or even certain usergroups?
What would be the URL for the map, for those of us who don't have the Members tab in the top navbar?
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