Fixed  Members in statistics


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Well, I'm not sure if the bug forum is a proper one. If not, let me know where should I report things like that in future.

The problem is about 'members' string being used in both navigation and statistics. The context is quite different and many languages need pre/suffixes in statistics. Therfore, I would suggest creating a new string being used in the statistics box.


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Can you expand on what the difference may be? We'd need to figure out how to name the phrase.


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Many slavik lnaguages tend to operate on nouns suffixes. As long as navbar members is a word in its 'default' form, in a phrase '2 members' it's being used as a compliment. It's very similar to German declesion of genitive or akkusative, however, they are using 'der, die, das, dem, den' prefixes to show the context of a noun being used.

In Polish, my native language, it will go as:
Members => Użytkownicy
5 members => 5 użytkowników
(Genitive: Used with units or amounts)