XF 2.1 Members getting Account Suspended Page


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My site was migrated to a different host/different server over the past couple days (different server IP address). I'm getting a bunch of reports from registered members that they're receiving an "Account Suspended" page. This has never ever happened before...I didn't even know this page existed. Can see the URL in the screenshot as well:


Account Suspended.png

Any idea what might be causing this?

It's not a Xenforo page. It's the old host. The DNS has not fully propagated yet or, there's something wrong with it.
Ok...thanks very much...and thanks for the fast reply! Super concerned that if every member of my site is getting this...they might actually think their account really has been suspended/banned...and they may bail from the site totally & I'd lose a ton of membership!:(

Wasn't sure where that page was coming from (old host, new host, Xenforo software, etc).

New host told me to suspend cPanel & WHM on the old host server...to force all site traffic to the new server. Do you think I should re-activate cPanel & WHM on the old server to stop this page from showing up (if this is the reason for this account suspended page in the first place)...until new server IP/DNS has fully propagated?

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