Won't fix members card off center if you re-size browser

Adam Howard

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So if you click on a members card in full screen, it works just fine.

(see screen shot)

But if you re-size your browser ...ie.. minimize it in any way.... Forum stays responsive, but the members card does not.

The end result is the members card gets pushed to the right.

(see screen shot)

Firefox Beta (23) - windows 8 pro - 64 bit


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Yeah, I was curious about this myself and wondered if this was a bug. But would like to see it coming into view when you hit a narrower responsive setting.


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Not sure if there is much that can be done, but I'm sure Mike & Kier can come up with something. Although, I think this is a severe edge case that won't come up often.


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It's generally how the overlay system works. It's not something that we're going to focus on too much.