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Has anyone done something about the memberlist and the profiles yet? I have a hard time finding mods that do. Except for one that adds some sorting-capabilities to the memberlist. But I think the most basic functions are missing.

The memberlist:
- searching all men / women
- showing only usergroupid 2 or 3 or 4 or ...
- searching on location
- showing only profiles with photo

And am i right that there is no friends-list? Just followers?

It is difficult to find things on this forum. Not one place whre i can find it all.

Any help appreciated!


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The memberlist needs development. Problem is that many admins dont find it useful so there is little pressure to develop it.
If it had more stuff it would be more useful and get more interest!

I added a lot more info to the member's listing which is useful - location, last seen, joined date etc.

Searching on location has been discussed. it would neeed pre set location categories or some people put UK some Scotland some Edinburgh - a dropdown would collect all these as UK.


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It's a key feature for me. People want to meet other people on my site. They want to have friends. Just like they want to have friends on facebook. It's strange that this is missing...


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Well it is promising, but you can't filter on the find-member-box. And the developer doesn't reply to messages.

What I really need it that only the validated members are seen in the memberlist. And only they can be found. Members under moderation cannot be found. I want to see usergroup 2 only. On the frontside. On the backend I want to see them all.

How can I accomplish that?