XF 1.5 Member unable to unsubscribe from email notifications


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I have a member who says they are still getting email notifications, even though they believe they have unchecked that option in their profile:

I've tried to walk them through the process to make sure, but if I go to the admincp and check their profile, or into the database to their user table, I can't find anything on email notifications that would help prevent any further notices going out.

I wonder if anyone could please advise?


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Changing their preference is independent from the setting on existing threads. I'm not sure if they've been clicking the option in the email to stop receiving emails from one thread or all of them -- the latter would change all watched threads to not email (though future actions would still be based on the preference).

In the edit user page, under preferences, check the "Watch threads when creating or replying" setting isn't set to send emails. If it is, that would need to be changed. Then, in the upper right, click "Actions" and "Managed Watched Threads". You can then remove email notification from all existing watched threads.

After this, if they still get watch emails (or are set to watch threads with email), I would have to guess an add-on is involved.