XF 1.2 Member Profile Page -> Sidebar width difficulties

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
Changing the width of the user account sidebar is proving a bit tricky.
I set Style Properties: Member Profile Page -> Sidebar width to 192px
but this is in navigation_sidebar.css
width: 150px;
display: table-cell;
vertical-align: top;
*float: left;
which seems to negate the member profile sidebar width setting.
What am I missing?


XenForo moderator
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This is how I set a custom sidebar width on my site.

Then in EXTRA.css:

/* Member profile page */
.member_view .profilePage .mast {
padding-right: 8px;

.member_view .profilePage .mainProfileColumn {
margin-left: 254px;

.profilePage .avatarScaler img {
max-width: 246px;

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
I checked this and the code in .navigationSideBar is in the master style. Won't the 150px element of that css override whatever you put in the style properties page?