Add-on Member profile mod needed

I'm working on a language forum. When a member fills out his personal information, I want him to say what languages he speaks and how well he speaks them. I envision him selecting a language from a drop down, then selecting his proficiency level (which can be A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2) in each skill (reading, writing, listening and speaking). I would like this info to show in his profile page.

I would like the language name to appear on his message user info, color coded. Languages who's highest proficiency level is C1 or C2 will be green. B1 or B2 will be blue, and A1 or A2 will be brown. Green language names will appear first, blue second, and then brown.
Hi Chris,
Maybe - I'm not a programmer, so let me state it differently to clarify. The member will choose a language he knows, then grade himself in that language. The name of the language will appear in the message user info, color coded to reflect the highest grade.

I only want the language name showing in the message user info, because some of these guys will have 20+ languages. Some people will want to see the grades for all skills, so I want that to show up in the user profile page.

For example, a user chooses Spanish. He then grades himself Reading – B2, Writing – B1, Listening – C1 and Speaking – B2. The word Spanish will appear in his message user info, colored green (because his highest score was C1).
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