Member 'Location cloud'


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Something that's been on my wishlist for a while now, has been to start leveraging the 'Location' data that's in my DB now, thanks to the 'Mandatory Location' addon ... and report back via a page on my forums, with a list of our members and where they're from.

I'd like to share an idea I had, and request an addon/advice to help achieve this:

a 'Location Cloud' ...

So essentially the same thing that is available in the XenMedia addon (which I've bought and use), by Jaxel ... but instead of media tags in the cloud, have Locations of members :)


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Giving this a nudge, as I had a fellow lined up to help code this, but has since gotten busy and is now unable to help.
Does anyone else have any idea how to achive this?
Here's an example of what I'm after:

Image 119.jpg

Picture the above, in 3D, as a spinning globe of keywords.

At the moment it's included in the XenMedia addon, and shows Media keywords, however I'm wanting to produce the same concept, but with Locations taken from the users table.

Can anyone help?