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Just thought I would check in to update on the cloud service.

I logged into my cloud admin panel this morning and saw no server errors, it made me think about when the last time I checked and its been weeks and weeks.

I have done little to no maintenance lately and everything just seems to work, I update my extensions once in a while but that's about it.

No worries about security, upgrades, server slowdowns etc.

As one of the earlier cloud adopters I can honestly state, if anyone has any hesitations moving to cloud... don't hesitate!

Money is the only issue, it can cost more but you have to weigh your time as well, and I can make more money at my job if I have to devote less time to server maintenance, so in the end I'm better off.

Thought I would give some feedback after being on cloud for almost a year.

So sometimes nothing to report is GOOD NEWS!
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