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Other Member list export

I've spent many hours searching the wide web for a good solution to export my member list in xenforo into a excel file.
I'm want to be able to export a complete member list, with names, email addresses, and custom user fields like phone numbers, addresses, etc..
pHP my admin seems to be the best solution I've found, but I don't see how I can get the custom user fields as well on the same export.
My forum is build as an member site for a motorcyclist club, where we manually have to check each member if they have paid their annually fee.
Thank you for your time :)
I have looked all over for an addon that will allow me to export members with names, email addresses, and custom user fields. @Joibjorn what success have you had? Are there any known easy to use add-ons available?
@kr.sh.nr , the only addon that i've had any proper sucess with would be Search and export by Waindigo. But even this addon turns out to be less powerfull than what i would like it to be. Still searching for that proper addon that would export all my required info.