Add-on Member group self formation


What I want is something similar to [Nobita] Social Groups (Teams). with the following differences:

  • I want option to have groups to require admin/mod approval. (not sure if that is in there)
  • Instead of a post board, i want each group to have a forum
  • Initially the group will have 3 levels, Admin, Moderator, Member.
  • The group can then create up to 7 more levels. (10 total, admin is 10, mod is 7 and member is 1, all levels can be renamed by the group admin)
  • I want the option to have number of forum topics they create to be tied to the size of the membership( with a base number, and increment that I can set), or have a static number.
  • The admin of the group can set who can approve new members, who can moderate, and who can post in what forums(when a forum is created/edited you set the access level, that maps to the 10 levels).
  • Only one person can be at 10(admin), but they can set 9 to have all the same powers, but not the ability to disband or promote someone to 10.
Kind of similar to most in-game guild permission setups, but with a forum.
I like having it laid out in the resource manager framework.
Hopefully that was clear enough.