XF 1.5 Member count inaccurate


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Hi guys,

I am a new (admin) user of XenForo as of last night, and have it installed here: mturkers.org/forum

In Admin CP, Member Statistics indicate I have 8 total members:


However, when I navigate to Users > List All Users, 10 are listed instead:

How can I fix this discrepancy?

Thank you in advance!
If you have any unconfirmed users, I'm fairly sure those who haven't been confirmed won't be counted.
Thank you, this is the reason!

I opened each of the users in ten tabs, and 2 of the users had User State of Awaiting email confirmation with the note: When in a user state other than "Valid", users will receive permissions from the Unregistered / Uncomfirmed group.

Is there an easy way to list all unconfirmed members?
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