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Member Awaiting Email Confirmation


Active member
Hi there,

I was trying to figure a better way to manage the Member Awaiting Email Confirmation.
They join and then some do not confirm for what ever reason, and then I have these members hanging in limbo.

Is there and easy way to manage these, when they get old or require confirmation with in 48hours ?
Or something where its does not have to be manually looked at?

Thank You.

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Usually if they haven't confirmed after 48 hours, and you are fairly sure that they are a legitimate user, you should be able to start a convo with them. The few that I have had like that have ended up being spammers.


Active member
I notice they must be deleted one at a time and after delete revert back to the main page is there a way of clearing that list all at once ?
I had a couple spammers 2+ pages worth get through a month ago apparently and wanted to clean this up.