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I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but I am curious on feedback from all of you who are very experienced forum managers.

I recently joined the team on a forum and they have a practice I find odd. But maybe this is just something I do not know about.

They do not allow people to sign up using a vpn or tor. And the sign up approval process requires a mod to go in to the sign up request, ip check a member signing up, and list their ip info: member number, state/country, ip address, time they signed up and user a thread on the mod board in a post.

This seems excessive and un needed work to me. But they seem to think it is needed. I know they have had trolls before..bad ones. But I don't know. It just seems a little crazy. Is this common practice on forum admin teams?

Another thing to note..they use SMF. My forum is Xenforo, but their community is similar to mine so I ended up as a mod there. But as someone who runs a xenforo forum with spam detection add on, (and I am sure SMF has something similar), it just seems weird to me and I am wondering if it is something people normally do who run forums.
We have a similar process in place but rely on automated tools to do most of the work. I don't think that extreme level of filtering is overly common, but there are a fair number with a strict process. Using Xon's tool, we block whole network via ASN# (VPN's etc aren't permitted) and locations that are a common source of problems... a lot of that manual work is done automatically before we get the account for final approval. (We do not list out these in a mod thread or anything, no need... that's overkill AND it's also a risk to expose private information of members to more people than necessary.) We have extra steps in place to filter out temp email addresses, etc. (Using something like
Thanks so much. I was just curious since I am very amateur at forum software.

Thank you for the email checker link, too.
People who use vpn's are 99 percent spammers. The forum I help admin is overrun by them. The owner is absent most of the time, been months since he's logged in and won't setup better spam protection.
Makes sense certainly. But the thing is on our sites..they are adult forums. So a lot of regular members use vpns also. I have as well. It is tricky because spammers do also. But I use spam detection on my forum too. And it does filter that stuff. But I do not make a thread for the mods of all the ips/city/etc listed for each approved member. That sort of baffles me.
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