Meet the new Twitter website!


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Dear god in heaven, can someone save humanity by shooting whoever came up with the music ..

Unfort my twitter account runs like

Xen not released
Xen still not released
Did I mention Xen is not released

It's quite possibly boring to the max.


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Looks good, the improvements, not so much the video which was too long and slightly on the dull side.


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It does look good but that video was a bit bloody tedious. 2 minutes long and over half of it going around the p**s-pot just to find the handle.

Mind you I did like that pink tie the dude had, might have to invest in one of those.

The Geek

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I don't mind it, but it could turn a lot of new users off as it is less intuitive and a little more complex. Some had a hard enough time following the basic premise of say something witty in 140 characters and follow Lady Gaga.


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I didn't have it before! It's looking quiet nice, but I'm not sure I like the whole page used by two columns, one which I really don't use.